/ 'Just Blog It'

The purpose of putting this website together was for our company to have a presence in the local market.  Also, whenever I spoke about the business, the second thing people asked for was "do you have a website?"

"Um" was my reply.  Why the "um"?  Well we never needed one before.


 How did we manage for 14 years without one?  It's simple: consistently working alongside Builders and Developers and repeat clients who knew we could deliver the type of service they were wanting.  Today we have maintained those long term relationships with Builders, Developers and clients while also establishing new connections. Yip, we've been lucky with the repeat clientele we have.


But what of BATs Ltd online presence?  How can this be done better?  

Recent workshops with my web design team have highlighted the options and choices to add to our current online presence.  Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook to name a few.  I just have to be prepared to put serious time away to engage in one of these platforms. Of course adding value to this webpage in small, interesting chunks - whether the reader may or may not find relevant, gives a small insight to who and what BATs Ltd is about.


Cheers Louren